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Can You Put Neosporin On A Dog

Can You Put Neosporin On A Dog

Did you know that dogs can laugh? Hard to believe, right? Findings in the field of Canine gelotology, the study of if and how dogs laugh, show that dogs make a forced breathy sound, usually during playtime that is similar to panting but not panting. What is it? Doggy laughter!

Konrad Lorenz, author of Man Meets Dog (1949), writes in his book that dog laughter occurs when the dog’s lips are slack and curled up on the sides of his mouth, accompanied by quick heavy panting. This is the canine equivalent to human laughter and is usually an invitation to play!

What do dogs find funny?

While it may seem obvious, but nothing makes a dog happier than a loving and attentive owner that provides her with lots of mental stimulation. If you’re trying to make sure your dog is in a good mood, just spend time with him. Aww! Above all else, dogs are going to find their humans the funniest because that’s who they spend the most time with. A magic trick or pretending to throw the ball can be seen as a form of play for your dog. If you perform these acts in love (not maliciously) your dog is sure to think you’re the smartest and funniest guy around.

Dogs have always been known to have a sense of humor.

Studies of the doggy sense of humor date all the way back to Charles Darwin! The infamous scientist in his studies on human evolution, observed the behavior of dogs to examine parallels with human behavior. Darwin found that dogs are not only playful but exhibit a sense of humor and will go as far as playing tricks of their own on humans. In the 1872 edition of The Descent of Man, Darwin writes:

Dogs show what may be fairly called a sense of humor, as distinct from mere play; if a bit of stick or other such object be thrown to one, he will often carry it away for a short distance; and then squatting down with it on the ground close before him, will wait until his master comes quite close to take it away. The dog will then seize it and rush away in triumph, repeating the same maneuver, and evidently enjoying the practical joke.”

Essentially, if you pretend to throw the ball, don’t be surprised if your dog pretends to return it. Oh Fido, such a kidder!

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