Wish O Dog

Honest Pooch Purchasing Guide

Pick the perfect pooch for you and your family!

So you want to get a dog.... great!

We'll guide you through your journey of choosing and finding the best dog for your family.

Make The Space Safe

It is important to ensure that your pet will be safe in their private space. This means removing any hazards in the area, such as cables

Provide A Bed

Whether the space is for your dog to rest or just for them to have a comfortable place, a bed will help designate it as theirs.

English Springer Spaniel

Springers are affable dogs who love kids and other animals. They are happy to be part of the family and will eagerly join in any of its activities.


Brittanys look like spaniels, but are smaller and have plenty of zeal, which was bred into them from their ability to hunt.

Tricks To Teach Your Puppy


This is fun! Teaching your dog to jump over hurdles is addictive, a big part of competitive agility training hurdles will both use up your dogs energy and encourage him to focus on you.


The dog that will bounce spritely in the air again and again looks amazing. Jumping on the spot is a trick that could easily make your dog look like he is on springs.

Tessa Allman, Dog Handler